How it works

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How it works

How it works

  1. A trader will click on Trade (Provide Help) and select Bitcoins or Banks.

  2. The trader then types amount he or she is willing to trade with and clicks on ‘submit’.

  3. The Trader makes the payment on the banking details or wallet address of the order.

  4. For Bitcoins the system confirms via hash but for banks the trader must attach proof of payment.

  5. When the transaction is confirmed the trader is added on the payout queue.

  6. The Trader must recommit by clicking on “recommit help” to ensure their matched by the system

  7. The member will see an order on the dashboard and confirm when payment is received.

  8. The trader goes back to step one.

Referral Bonus

Traders can earn themselves direct  referral Bonuses of 10% for introducing new members to the program. Any Bonuses earned are only withdrawable equivalent to a member's trade amount + profits. This means if Trader 1 trades with N1000 and withdrawal due is N1200, the member will also have a Confirmed Bonuses of N1200. This means the member will have a total of N2400 withdrawable.

Manager Bonus

Me2U  will reward all the hardest working members and upgrade them to Senior Managers and they will earn manager bonus as long as the program lives. Members will earn and apply for manager status when they have from 500 downlines, direct and indirect.


Because M2U wishes for a long term trade period, as well as all our members making profits, we have introduced 100% recommitment principle, which means that members must always have two or more trades (donations) to be able to make withdrawals. So a member will have to do a second trade (donation) to withdraw the previous profits. Eg if a member has only N1000, the member must first trade with N500, thereafter trade again with N500 to release the profits of the N600. Please explain to all your downlines about this rule, Me2U system does not accommodate ‘hit and runs.’


  1. Earn more than 30% profit per trade.
  2. Earn 3% referral Bonus per trade.
  3. Automatic bitcoin payment and confirmation via hash
  4. 100% recommitment before withdrawal of last trade
  5. Daily Minimum trade in Bitcoins is $20, and Maximum trade is $2000
  6. Daily Minimum trade in Rands is R200, and Maximum trade is R30000
  7. Rands Maximum Per Trade is R2000, Bitcoins Maximum per Trade is $150

Trading Times
Monday to Fridays only
10-12 am Nigeria time (GMT +1)
19-21 pm Nigeria time (GMT +2).